Why Tetys

> Tetys team is made up of the greatest expert of the software Moldex3D and injection moulding in worldwide.

> Thousands of simulation carried out  with success has made up us the deep knowledge of how to integrate and get the best out of CAE software in all areas of application.

> Tetys deliver Moldex3D software, with a support of expert team able to:

  • Train and qualify the staff to use Moldex3D software
  • Integrate CAE software in R&D of customer to reduce the impact and optimizing the information flow
  • Reorganize work methodology in order to obtain the maximum benefit in shorter time is possible
  • Transfer know how to apply simulation to improve product development and to solve production issues
  • Optimizing product development reducing cost and time to market
  • Solve injection moulding issues

> With close partnership with Logycad SRL (first and only “Raccomanded consulting partner” of Moldex3D in Italy), we supply injection moulding simulation, moulds and products development

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